• Posted on: 24 November 2015
  • By: admin

photo of Mr. Marker

Tom Marker is the Chief Instructor of Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy. He began his training in 1998 as a student of Buckeye Tang Soo Do under the instruction of Master Cy Genna. He has been a certified instructor with the World Tang Soo Do Association since 2001. In 2008, Mr. Marker and Ms. Burke began teaching martial arts classes at the Licking County Family YMCA Western Branch. In 2014, Mr. Marker was invited to attend the WTSDA Master's Clinic as a candidate, and was awarded the rank of Master in 2016.

Mr. Marker continues to be a student of the martial arts, and has several areas of interest and expertise, including staff, nunchaku, forms and self-defense. He has been an instructor at numerous local and regional events both within the World Tang Soo Do Association as well as community groups.

He is a graduate of The Ohio State University (BA, Psych, 2002) and currently works at the University. Outside of class, he enjoys photography and spending time with his family. From time to time, he will also post to the blog.