Noelle Gremling is an Instructor for Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy. She began her training in 2008 as part of the first adult Tang Soo Do class offered at the Licking County YMCA Western
Branch under the direction of Mr. Thomas Marker. Mrs. Gremling earned her First Degree Black Belt in 2013 and has been a certified instructor and corner judge with the World Tang Soo Do Association since 2015.

Mrs. Gremling continues to be a student of the martial arts, and has several areas of interest including self-defense, forms and technique adaptation for differing abilities. She has been a corner judge and scorekeeper at both regional and world events within the World Tang Soo Do Association.

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University (BS, Occupational Therapy, 1995) and currently works as a Senior Occupational Therapist at RBA Therapy. Outside of class, she enjoys volunteering in her church and community, reading and spending time with her family.