Eric Thomas started his training in 2003 at Buckeye Tang Soo Do, under Master Cy Genna. He received the rank of Cho Dan Bo and then took a several year hiatus due to work. He rejoined Tang Soo Do in 2011, now under the instruction of Master Marker and Ms. Burke at the Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy. In 2013, Mr. Thomas received his black belt and he became a certified instructor in the World Tang Soo Do Association. In March of 2016, Mr. Thomas tested for and received the rank of E-Dan, 2nd degree black belt.

In the future, Mr. Thomas will be opening a studio in the Cleveland, OH area. This will help to grow the World Tang Soo Do Association in Ohio. Currently, he is working on balancing the instruction of students while still maintaining his own growth in the art. He enjoys staff application and finding better ways to utilize technique versus strength, in self-defense techniques.